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Brazil hosted an ORCaSa seminar

On the 4th of August, the joint seminar of the Brazilian Chapter of the International Humic Substances and Natural Organic Matter Society (IHSS-NOM) and the International Research Consortium on Soil Carbon gathered over 100 people and 60 online participants.

In parallel to the XXIII Latin American and XXXVIII Brazilian Congress of Soil Science, EMBRAPA, ORCaSa’s regional node for South America, this event addressed the question of the application of humic substances, their derivatives and biochar in agriculture, and also on the role of carbon accumulation in the soil for climate change mitigation and the resilience of agricultural systems.

It targeted scientists, professionals, farmers and students interested in soil and natural sciences, agriculture, and related stakeholders, such as policymakers, funders and related industry experts.

One group for Latin America

This seminar highlighted the importance of having a Latin America group in the International Research Consortium (IRC) on soil carbon, expected to be launched before the end of the year. As part of the ORCaSa project, Beata Emoke Madari, could coordinate this group.