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Impact4Soil webinar to discover the platform

4 & 6 June – Online

Mark your calendar for the Impact4Soil webinar and choose the session that’s best for you!

📍 4 June – ⏰ 2 PM to 2:50 PM (CEST)

📍 6 June – ⏰ 10 AM to 10:50 AM (CEST)

The ORCaSa team is organising a webinar to present Impact4Soil, an online knowledge tool aimed at a range of professionals and experts from the research community, but also the private sector, NGOs, policy-makers, and anyone with an interest in the health of our soils.

Soil is a global subject of study, and Impact4Soil enables synergies and collaborations by bringing together researchers, farmers, foresters, spatial planners, land managers. Stated simply, the platform covers any type of soil category, from every possible angle.

For the research community, Impact4Soil offers seamless access to soil carbon-related data and meta-analysis, scientific publications, but also best practices and trends.

Thanks to its comprehensive and integrated design, Impact4Soil allows users to:

  • Compare results with the existing literature
  • Discover new insights to complement their work
  • Boost visibility of research partnerships, activities, and outputs

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