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Impact4Soil webinar: watch the replay!

On 4 and 6 June, ORCaSa’s partners organised a webinar to present Impact4Soil, the online soil carbon knowledge platform they have designed. ‘We thought of it as both a tool and the result of collaborative thinking’, explained Susana Romao, Project Portfolio and Partnerships Lead at Vizzuality. ‘The platform is structured around 5 interconnected modules, and we have designed a seamless user journey. Thanks to the network module, partners, projects and funders can meet and network with each other.’

‘We have now integrated 95 practices from Wocat and the FAO into the “Practices” module, enabling users to quickly access the latest land management practices and understand their impact on soil organic carbon (SOC)’, pointed Julien Demenois, Researcher at the CIRAD (French agricultural research and international cooperation organisation). ‘The “Scientific evidence” module includes more than 200 meta-analyses and 13,000 primary studies.’

A panel of over 200 users

Before presenting and showing how each module works, it was important to explain how and why Impact4Soil was created. Indeed, it is the results of two EU-funded projects committed to advancing knowledge of soil carbon: CIRCASA and ORCaSa. Since the launch of ORCaSa in September 2022, the partners have conducted a survey to better understand users’ needs and interests in such a tool – they received more than 200 applications to join the Impact4Soil panel of test user!

Impact4Soil is aimed at a range of professionals and experts from the research community, but also the private sector, NGOs, policy-makers, and anyone with an interest in the health of our soils.

Soil is a global subject of study, and Impact4Soil enables synergies and collaborations by bringing together researchers, farmers, foresters, spatial planners, land managers. Stated simply, the platform covers any type of soil category, from every possible angle.

For the research community, Impact4Soil offers seamless access to soil carbon-related data and meta-analysis, scientific publications, but also best practices and trends.

Thanks to its comprehensive and integrated design, Impact4Soil allows users to:

  • Compare results with the existing literature
  • Discover new insights to complement their work
  • Boost visibility of research partnerships, activities, and outputs

View the replay