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Joint workshops with MARVIC project

24 & 25 April – Online

Save the date for the online joint workshops with MARVIC project on Monitoring Cropland Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) stock changes!

One workshop, two dates

The workshop will be held once on April 24th (starting at 4pm in Sydney, 1pm in Hanoi, 9am in Harare and 8am in Paris) for the stackeholders from the Pacific/Asian/ African/European regions. It will be organised a second time on April 25th (starting at 4pm in Paris, 9am in Colorado, 11 am in Sao Paulo, 5 pm in Harare) for the stackeholders from the South-America/North America/Africa/Europe regions. 

For three hours, you will join stakeholders from the Pacific, Asia, Africa, and Europe regions in discussions aiming at analysing the methods (e.g. TIERs) best suited to monitoring changes in cropland SOC stocks changes depending on:

  • the context of Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV): e.g. national inventories, carbon market, insetting, etc.
  • the local context (type of farm, pedoclimatic conditions, etc).
  • and the data availability/accuracy (e.g. activity data).

You will also discuss the criteria for building a decision tree adapted to each application context and for making optimal use of data and methods (e.g. process based models) that could help non-specialists choose the best method to implement according to their monitoring context.

Lastly, a focus will be carried out on how to ensure buy-in and alignment with existing operational national MRV networks and carbon cultivation initiatives, current or future user needs, and the latest (scientific) insights.

This workshop will contribute to the preparation of:

  • the ORCaSa Cookbook for a blueprint of an MRV methodological framework for croplands SOC stock changes.
  • the MARVIC Methodological framework for developing scalable quantification platforms adapted to different purposes and contexts of application.

Tentative Agenda

Presentation of the contextEric Ceschia (INRAE) and Fenny Van Egmond (ISRIC)
Presentation of the ORCaSa project and Soil Carbon International Research ConsortiumSuzanne Reynders (INRAE)
Presentation of the MARVIC projectGreet Ruysschaert (ILVO)
General description of the different contexts of MRV and methods for monitoring SOC stock changes Eric Ceschia (INRAE) and Fenny Van Egmond (ISRIC)
Monitoring methods (TIER 2 and 3) implemented in Australia (only on 24th)Senani Karunaratne, (CSIRO)
Monitoring methods (TIER 2 and 3) implemented in the USA (only on 25th)Stephen Ogle (CSU)
Presentation of how to choose the modelling approach depending on the context of application in the Netherlands (only on 24th)Jan Peter Lesschen (ISRIC)
Example of methodology implemented in Europe for insetting and/or offsetting (only on 25th)Ahmad Al Bitar (CESBIO/CNRS)
Co-creative workshop with surveys, Miro Board exercises and discussions on the limits of each methodological approach, the essential criteria for building the decision tree, the cost/benefit of collecting new data to increase the accuracy of the methods, etc.From 1.5 and 2 hours