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Land & Carbon Lab’s 2023 Summit 

27-29 June, Brussels

Land & Carbon Lab’s 2023 Summit is the premier global conference for policymakers and practitioners who are harnessing geospatial data and monitoring to advance land sustainability solutions for this decade’s climate, nature, and development goals.

Building on Global Forest Watch’s 2019 Summit, the 2023 Summit will connect those at the frontiers of data and technology innovation with those at the frontlines of land use and land management decisions.

The Summit aims to advance deployment of geospatial data and monitoring to:

  • Accelerate implementation of locally-led landscape restoration
  • Tackle deforestation and nature crime
  • Strengthen community-led land stewardship
  • Ensure accountability for conversion-free supply chains
  • Enhance policy and finance mechanisms to scale nature-based solutions
  • Plan land use for a more sustainable food future
  • Transparently track progress towards global targets for nature and climate
  • Create more equitable, sustainable and resilient urban areas